Monday, September 19, 2005

Impeach Bush:Reasons Republicans Should Join

One of the reasons many people have sited for the improbability of an Impeachment of George W Bush is that the House and Senate are both Republican controlled. Republicans though need to be looking hard at poll numbers and thinking about the 2006 elections. A recent Pew poll shows that when asked if the 2006 elections were held today "would you vote for the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate in your Congressional district?" The poll numbers show that in all age groups the answer was Democratic with large leads. In California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's approval rating is below 40%. In Ohio Governor Bob Taft has pleaded no contest to 4 misdemeanors charges of not reporting political gifts. According to a poll by the Cleveland Plain Dealer 46% say he should step down from office while 44% think he should stay. Governor Ernie Fletcher of Kentucky is embroiled in a scandal involving giving merit based jobs to political cronies. His job approval ratings are at 38%. Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, up for re-election in 2006, is lagging behind in the polls to Democratic candidate Bob Casey. Only 37% of the voters polled say they would vote for Santorum.

On a national level a September 9-12 NBC\Newsweek polls shows that 57% of the American people do not like where the nation is headed. If Republican leaders would listen to their constituents instead of reading from the script supplied by the Republican National Committee, they would see indications that they may lose the control they hold over Congress and the Senate. If Republicans want to come out of the Bush Era somewhat intact they will need to find leaders among themselves that are independent of the Bush White House. Instead of allowing Bush and his cronies to take down the whole party over the coming months or years, they need to speak up against the crimes that have been committed in Washington. The mask has come off of the Bush administration. I do not think the American people will ever see this President as a strong leader again, and truthfully that was his only real "strength" in the 2004 elections. Add into this the possible indictments of Karl Rove and others when Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation has ended and the Republicans could very well have a mess on their hands that may take years to clean up.

So if there are Republican leaders in Washington that would like to maintain some dignity within the party, they should take the initiative into demanding accountability from Bush and Company.


Blogger Gowain said...

Bonnie, This "reason" does not address the facts of impeacheabilty. I think though, that I will write about the aspects of the popularity approach to impeachment in a future post on my blog.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Jamison said...

I don't know if it's a good thing to encourage the Republicans to wake up or not. Wouldn't America be better served by having the losers out of office once and for all? If anything shouldn't we be encouraging the Republicans to stand their ground in the most dramatic way possible?

9:26 AM  
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